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Price & Quality

We never want price to interfere with the end result of our products. We pride ourselves on running an efficient distribution system and pass on our savings but we never wish to sacrifice on quality and strive for the following outcomes:

  • Our products are sourced from REPUTABLE SUPPLIERS, both Australian and International companies,
  • These products are selected to meet or better the quality and standard our customers are familiar with,
  • Our transport and logistics are supplied by reliable and mainly local business’s that take care with our products,
  • On time and in full, means we will not promise a product or service that we cannot fulfill,
  • By listening to our customers we will source products just in time, but at the right time
  • If you have a problem – just ask, we do not wish to complicate our business but will endeavour to be as flexible as we can,
  • Our employee’s are consistently learning about our business and yours; we aim to have some flexibility to fulfill your needs, and
  • Updating our business with modern ideas, systems and tools will continue to enhance everything we offer.