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Land Rehabilitation

Land rehabilitation aims to combat disruption and damage to the land by restoring it back to its natural state, through the implementation of an ecosystem management strategy. It aims to rectify problems caused by man-made processes including mining and construction and can also be used to address the effects of natural disasters and agricultural practices to improve soil conditions and vegetation production.

Anka One has an experienced land rehabilitation team that works directly with primary producers, contractors or Land Access Managers. We specialise in understanding our products and advising on the design and implementation of mining and agricultural land rehabilitation programs.

We offer:

  • Personalised agronomy services through our independent agronomists with over 27 years’ experience,
  • Identification, management and monitoring of weeds, pests and disease with specialist advice and direct supply of products,
  • Soil analysis and advice on appropriate seed and fertiliser plans for required nutrition and production outcomes,
  • Land monitoring, analysis and full agronomic reporting, and
  • Strong relationships with and access to external experts for vegetation audits, heritage/cultural appreciation practices and best water management practices.

Contact our team directly to discuss rehabilitation solutions from initial planning and organisation of technical services through to the supply of products and monitoring results.

End Of Winter Legume Dominant Spring Grass Under Legumes

Land and pasture rehabilitation Millmerran mining project – January 2013